Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The hat says "APD."

He is holding a flashlight and a "soda pop."

On his (vivid pink) belt is a radio and a billy club.

He needs a shave.

He works for the Atlanta Police Department.

He is my son. And I am proud.

He was given this cutout of this guy, told to make it into him and to assign a career path. The design is all him - exuberant 4-almost-5 YO him.

Not sure which I like best: the orange shoes, the pink belt, or the purple collar.

As legend has it (it was before me), APD turned down my former-marine, recent University of Chicago grad husband on some sort of grounds not entirely memorable (or, for that matter, clear.) No way will they be able to resist pPod. No way.

This guy is made to apprehend criminals, maintain public order, and detect crime. I feel safer just looking at him.

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  1. It looks like he was also made to DANCE, DANCE, DANCE! Fabulous!!!!